Samara Angel

Samara Angel is a freelance writer for xpLouisville. A rising junior at Yale University, she has had fiction published in campus publications and recently was a recipient of the Wallace Prize for fiction. Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Samara is spending the summer in Louisville, and is passionate about the arts and outdoors.

The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Not every day can you say you’ve had 1780s distiller Evan Williams talk directly to you. But after attending the Evan Williams Bourbon experience, that’s just one of the many unique experiences you’ll be able to boast. Although behind an unassuming front located at 528 West Main...

Royals Hot Chicken

He slowly pulls the blue rubber gloves onto his hands. First the right, then the left. Tugging his fingers all the way into the gloves, he makes sure they’re tightly secure. He pauses and takes a deep breath. Then he picks up the piece of hot chicken.

The Parklands

“Forty-five million, twenty one thousand, two hundred and eleven,” says Dan Jones, a tall man wearing hiking boots and looking like he belongs on a trail instead of the yellow school bus we’re driving in. The number is a riddle he says, as though it’s obvious. That’s...

The Eagle

Wood-paneled ceilings adorned with exposed HVAC rest above a central bar, as thenascent hum of televised sports, talking waiters, and the satisfying crunch of fried chickenpermeates the air. The Eagle restaurant, located on Bardstown Road, is exactly what you’d want from a self-proclaimed...