Steel City Pops, a gourmet popsicle shop located at 1021 Bardstown Road, is exactly
what I’d imagine a gourmet popsicle shop to look like. Cute and trendy, with white brick walls
lining the back counter and dark stained wood with a metal logo advertising their name. Clear
bulbs with glowing filament hang from black wiring. Yet the actual popsicles are nothing like
what I imagine gourmet popsicles to be like.

For one thing, a gourmet popsicle costs only $3.59. For another, the popsicles are large
and delicious. Steel City Pops offers three categories of popsicles including fruity and creamy
popsicle flavors. The third option is a dollar more. For $4.59, you can get cookie popsicles
stuffed with gluten free cookies. All the popsicles at Steel City are gluten free, and the fruit pops
are vegan in addition and made with fresh fruit.

Popsicle dips, drizzles, dredges, and dusts to add to the base popsicle are offered for
only $1.28 – TOTAL. That’s right, topics are priced in bulk and not per item, another change
from the stereotypical gourmet pop shop.

When I went to Steel City Pops, I got a buttermilk popsicle dipped in dark chocolate with
crushed graham crackers, drizzled with caramel, and topped with salt. As decadent as it sounds,
the popsicle was also a perfect balance of refreshing and sweet. Suggestions for other popsicle-
topping combinations flashed across a screen on the wall of the store, helping you to figure out
which combination to choose.

The affordable and refreshing popsicles are the perfect summer snack for a hot,
Louisville day.

Samara Angel is a freelance writer for xpLouisville. A rising junior at Yale University, she has had fiction published in campus publications and recently was a recipient of the Wallace Prize for fiction. Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Samara is spending the summer in Louisville, and is passionate about the arts and outdoors.