New to the Louisville Foodie Scene, Biscuit Belly, touts itself as having “Damn Good Biscuits.” So, on my most recent trip to Louisville, I had to find out if they could live up to their slogan.

I was pleasantly surprised to find numerous vegetarian options on the menu. You can even substitute tofu, smoked or fried, for any protein listed! I ordered a biscuit sandwich called the Edgy Veggie and, because I gotta have heat, substituted jalapeno pimento cheese for Kenny’s Cheddar. Hubs also chose a vegetarian option, The Boomer, a biscuits and gravy dish topped with crispy mushrooms. For the kiddos I picked out the Basic Biscuit, a biscuit sandwich that was anything but basic, especially when combined with fried chicken ($2 add-on). Our meal total was about $40, which initially came as a shock, but when the food arrived at our table it was easy to see why we paid that amount for biscuits. They were huge–HUGEEEE!!! When the Basic Biscuits were placed in front of my kids, their eyes and smiles were equally as huge–HUGEEEE!!! Not only are the biscuits ginormous, but the food is made from scratch using high quality ingredients. Many of the ingredients are locally and regionally sourced from places, to name a few, like Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese (Austin, KY) and Frondosa Farms (Simpsonville, KY).

Soft, flaky biscuit sandwich with an over easy egg (covered in fresh herbs), fried green tomato, jalapeno pimento cheese, and Frondosa Farms mushroom gravy overflowing onto the plate.
This monstrosity (listed as the Edgy Veggie on the menu) has a fried green tomato, Frondosa Farms mushroom gravy, Kenny’s Cheddar (pictured here with jalapeno pimento cheese), and an over easy egg; all for $9.
A soft, flaky biscuit sandwich with a broken yolk from an over easy egg and covered with fresh herbs, jalapeno pimento cheese, and Frondosa Farms mushroom gravy on a plate.
Get in my belly!!! An alternate view of the Edgy Veggie.
Soft, flaky biscuits covered with Frondosa Farms mushroom gravy and crispy mushrooms.
The Boomer, a vegetarian biscuits and gravy dish, smothered in Frondosa Farms mushroom gravy and crispy mushroom toppers; $9.
An over easy egg, fried chicken, and Kenny's cheddar cheese sandwiched between two soft, flaky biscuits.
The Basic Biscuit is served with an over easy egg and Kenny’s cheddar; $8. Bacon, sausage link, grilled or fried chicken, smoked brisket, or pork belly can be added; $2.

All the food was so satifying and filling. We left with two boxes of leftovers, and joked about not eating for the rest of the day–ha!

You can get your belly full of “Damn Good Biscuits” every day, from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm, in the NuLu district.

Location: 900 East Main Street; Louisville, KY 40206.

Check out for their menu and more information!

Ella is a Louisville native currently living in Wisconsin. She misses the Louisville Foodie Scene, and makes visiting local restaurants a priority when in town! Along with XPLouisville contributor Erica Durrett, Ella operates the @YummEE_Food_Blog page on Instagram and Facebook. She loves eating and reviewing vegan and vegetarian foods, Caribbean foods, and anything spicy!