HurriKanes Food Truck is new to the food truck scene here in Louisville, you may or may not have seen them already. They specialize in Gourmet Hot “Dawgs” & New Orleans Style SnowBalls. To get one of these tasty treats you must follow their social media (Instagram) to see where they will be parked next. For now, owner Victoria Monday says they will operate on weekends and some evenings. We took a minute to sit down with Victoria and get to know her a bit more….

Andrew’s Nachos

Q: What was the first album you ever bought
Victoria: Elton John don’t shoot me I’m only the piano player.
Q: What could you give a TED talk on with absolutely no preparation?
Victoria: Fundraising
Q:What was your least favorite job?
Victoria: Dish Washer
Q:What is your favorite restaurant or bar in the city?
Victoria: The Backdoor for bar; Mangos is my favorite restaurant
Q: What is something that everyone should be required to try at least once?
Victoria: Swimming with Sharks
Q: Where would you take someone visiting Louisville if you only had 24 hrs?
Victoria: The mega cavern
Q: What keeps you here (in Louisville)?
Victoria: Louisville is a big little city. You can be downtown for a Broadway show and in 20 minutes be surrounded by farmland. The unique balance between the worlds helps keep me balanced. 

Food menu

Victoria, not being from Louisville originally wanted to start her food truck because down in the Louisiana/Texas area that she grew up there was an abundance of snowball options and when she came here to Louisville (at the time) there wasn’t. This dream to open a food truck that offers unique snowballs started about 10 years ago and this June, she made that dream come true!

Owner Victoria Monday, slinging dawgs and SnowBalls

HurriKanes was started to help pay for her son Kane’s school. He is Autistic and his school is costing 17K a year, “I had enough money to get him through 3rd grade but what then???” “I decided to put a 10 year dream into action. I put all of my money into something that will hopefully generate enough money to pay for his school and hopefully allow me to offer scholarships for other parents who can’t afford the school.” We are rooting for Victoria and her SnowBall dreams.. in the mean time make sure you catch them at their next location and get yourself a SnowBall (or Gourmet Dawg). Find our where they are right here on Facebook.

“Strawberry Wedding Cake” snowball

A sno-ball is a New Orleans confection made with finely shaved ice and flavored cane sugar syrup. Commonly confused with the snow cone, the ice of a sno-ball is fine and fluffy; while a snow cone’s ice is coarse, crunchy, and granular. Moreover, in a snow cone the flavored syrup sinks to the bottom of the cup; while in a sno-ball the ice absorbs the syrup.

“Homemade Icecream” snowball
The San Diego dawg with pickle fries

Location: Kentuckiana Area

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