Erica Durrett

I am a foodie from Louisville, KY! I love traveling and trying new places to eat and also just exploring my city (including SoIN as well) I run the blog page, "YummEEs Food Blog" with my best friend Ella, the other "E". You can find our posts on Instagram & Facebook! We cover all the foods, from Vegan & Vegetarian, Keto and everything in between! Our blog is a mix between homemade meals, restaurant hacks and regular restaurant reviews. Every Friday we share an "indulgent" post from us both that we named: #TreatYourselfFriday

HurriKanes Food Truck (Gourmet Dawgs & SnowBalls)

HurriKanes Food Truck is new to the food truck scene here in Louisville, you may or may not have seen them already. They specialize in Gourmet Hot "Dawgs" & New Orleans Style SnowBalls. To get one of these tasty treats you must follow their social media (Instagram) to see...

Morels Cafe (is closing)

Vegan food done right; or as Morel's themselves say "Dope Vegan Food". This place has been around for a while, they started as a Food Truck and would show up to events around the city; then they eventually got a brick and mortar location in 2017. They still do...