Vegan food done right; or as Morel’s themselves say “Dope Vegan Food”. This place has been around for a while, they started as a Food Truck and would show up to events around the city; then they eventually got a brick and mortar location in 2017. They still do pop-up events from time to time; my favorite was the Vegan NOT fair Pop Up at Mile Wide Brewing. This event featured State Fair type foods made from 100% Vegan products. The corn dog and donut cheese burger were so amazing; and I somehow felt less guilty eating them!

Hatch Chile Mac n Cheese



Chicken Po Boy with waffle fries, chick-faux-le sandwich with curly fries and side of Hatch mac n cheese

My favorite regular menu items are: The Chick-Faux-Le, the Backyard BBQ burger, and the Farby sandwich. For sides I love the Hatch Chile Mac n Cheese with bacon Vegan Toppins on top.

I have yet to try the wings and the McFib, but I plan to do so soon!! Real soon!

Chick-faux-le sandwich

So despite all this I am sad to say that Morels has announced that they are closing as of August 18, 2019. While this is very sad news for me and my friends, the owner Stanley Chase has stated that they will continue to do pop ups (so you can get your hot food fix) and they will have a booth inside of the new Logan Street Market a well. The booth there will mostly house their ready made items like wraps, cheese dips and potato salads and the like. The booth will also have their Louisville Vegan Jerky & Vegan Toppins 

Chick-faux-le sandwich

They will also still offer catering & private event services.

So if you have never made it to Morels Café or want to get one last fix, you have less than 2 weeks to do so–so hurry up! Are you heading there now as you read this?

Location: 619 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204

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