Fast fashion is the current trend of the fashion industry and one local business owner is attempting to fightback through sustainability, quality and of course style.

Fast fashion is the practice of manufacturing clothing items with cheap low quality materials that can be sourced and produced for next to nothing. The practice forces consumers to return to the stores they purchased their items from, over and over again, either because the garment has gone out of style, or more likely has fallen apart too quickly. This trend has led to a massive amount of waste, with more than 13 million tons of clothing being thrown away in U.S. landfills each year. Amber Dare, owner and designer of the New Blak has spent the last several years crafting fashion that forgoes waste for more sustainable materials and a timeless look.

Amber Dare is the lead designer and owner of The New Blak

Started in the late 2000s the The New Blak has become known for more than just quality clothing. Their brick and mortar store, located in the Nulu Neighborhood, caters to its clients in a fashion that breaks down the barriers of what a clothing store should be. As Amber puts it, “Through the store, we have created our own little haven of woman-based creativity and empowerment. Our stylists aren’t just there to help you find your new wardrobe staples. They’re your cheerleaders, your shoulder to cry on, and your little shot of espresso to remind you that you are as tough and strong as a diamond, and you can sparkle like one too.”

For more information visit or check out their new location at 841 E Washington St Louisville, KY 40206