Incredible barrel selections!

If you want to get away from the city and go for a quick drive to the East End, or already live nearby, this is the place to stop for a quality drink! The atmosphere is very inviting, and there’s something for everyone. The selection seems to get even better after every visit. From total “Geek Wines” to something simple, it’s all here. It’s extremely impressive.

Wall of Absolute Awesome.

With over 300 whiskey options, and 300 types of wine for sale, you’re sure to be satisfied on selection. What’s great is, the staff really knows their products. I especially like going to see Kenny Andreozzi (owner) and certified sommelier. Talk about in depth knowledge! There’s a wine club, cheese boards, Blue Dog Bread for sale, fair pricing. It’s all a win win.

Commonwealth Tap Exterior

Some other fun things about Commonwealth Tap are, they do trivia on Sundays, they have won several “ best of “ awards around town and the interior is one of the nicest around. It’s gorgeous.

One of TWO whiskey walls. Excellent options.

Commonwealth Tap is located at 9411 Norton Commons Blvd, Prospect, KY 40059

It’s a prime spot with a nice little patio out front and in general, a great atmosphere. All in all, I would recommend you go check it out!

Always great beers rotating on the tap wall.