Wood-paneled ceilings adorned with exposed HVAC rest above a central bar, as the
nascent hum of televised sports, talking waiters, and the satisfying crunch of fried chicken
permeates the air. The Eagle restaurant, located on Bardstown Road, is exactly what you’d want from a self-proclaimed “food and beer hall.”

As you walk in, a host stand backed by old, golden post boxes welcomes you. Further in
the space, cozy wooden booths with black cushions surround the central bar. To the left of the bar, scrawled in bright colors on 16 narrow chalk panels, is a list of just some of the beer that is available.

Fried chicken, tender but surrounded by a crisp skin, is served on red and white
checkered paper and comes with spicy hot honey. Corn bread and mac n’ cheese come directly to the table in cast-iron skillets. Each item set on the table is flavorful but not overwhelming, cooked to perfection, and easy to share. The menu is perfect for family-style cuisine, allowing you to share a main item, such as fried chicken, a large sandwich, or salad. And it’s not expensive, either. A dinner of a half chicken and three sides split between three people, which was plenty of food, cost only $11 dollars per person.

Outside, if you happen to catch an evening of summer sun, sits a grouping of square
tables surrounded by wooden benches. Each table contains black rocks in its center to serve as an outdoor fire pit, and rests under an overhang of string lights. The Eagle perfectly encapsulates the feel of a summer picnic, creating a space with a mix of energetic spark and relaxation,exquisite southern cuisine and, of course, red and white checkered paper.

Samara Angel is a freelance writer for xpLouisville. A rising junior at Yale University, she has had fiction published in campus publications and recently was a recipient of the Wallace Prize for fiction. Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Samara is spending the summer in Louisville, and is passionate about the arts and outdoors.