Understated in appearance, humble in personality and wickedly talented Travis King, the co- owner of Prophecy Ink, fits surprisingly well inside the exaggerated and tastefully artsy interior of the Baxter Avenue tattoo shop. In passing King seems relatively unassuming but talent, unlike beauty, is more than skin deep. King’s work speaks for itself and as one of the most awarded tattoo artist in the city King has garnered national recognition for his skill with the tattoo gun. King isn’t alone however, the eclectic shop is staffed with some of the most skilled and sought after artists in the city. Prophecy Ink and its artists have been consistently ranked one of the best shops in the city. It also has one of the highest customer review ratings in the area but not unlike its owner, there is more to Prophecy Ink than meets the eye.

While it should be argued that all tattoo shops are inherently fine art galleries, Prophecy Ink makes promoting local fine art its mission. The woman behind that mission is co-owner and King’s partner Juanita Mondragon. Mondragon has turned her love for art into one of the most stunning and unique gallery spaces in the city. Mondragon is an advocate and bastion of the Louisville art scene and curates the gallery for the benefit of others. By offering artists reduced commission splits, a prime location and a strong champion Mondragon has created a one of a kind business that sublimely combines the worlds of a tattoo parlor and fine art gallery.

For more information about the upcoming shows and information about tattoo services visit prophecyink.com

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