It’s true, most places you go, the coffee tastes the same. However, there are some that stand above the rest for both their quality of coffee and ambience. I suppose snack options play a role too.

As an avid coffee snob and quick critic of amenities, I believe we are often left without wanting here in Louisville. Among the many places I’ve lived or visited, I’m continually impressed with the variety of java Louisville has to offer. Whether it’s a cup of joe or a sliver of espresso under a mound of whipped cream, Louisville has it covered.

Here are a few of my local favorites:

Heine Brothers Coffee

This famed coffee place is the largest local coffee house in Louisville for a reason. Heine Bros. has been around since 2002. They have shops throughout Louisville and recently expanded across the Ohio River to Jeffersonville.

Quills Coffee

The first location popped up on Baxter Avenue next to popular bars! Due to the rapidly growing popularity of their coffee and scenery, they now have locations in historic Jeffersonville and Indianapolis. A great place to visit if it’s to pre-game or finish off that book you’ve been reading.

Pearl Street Game and Coffee

A new addition to the coffee scene is the small and quaint shop on Pearl Street in Jeffersonville, IN. Placed inside a renovated house and is short walk from the Big Four Bridge. This unique shop often draws in crowds who are looking to play board games or card games. This shop also hosts Magic: The Gathering tournaments weekly!

Coffee Crossing

This place has been one of my favorite to visit for several years, particularly during the holidays where you can enjoy your coffee or macchiato next to the functioning fireplaces in two of their three locations in southern Indiana.

Highland Coffee

Nicely hidden and tucked away behind Urban Outfitters on Bardstown Road, Highland Coffee has late night hours which make it easy to grab a quick coffee amidst the bar crawls. They have great coffee options and large variety of snack options to choose from.

Havana Bakery Cafe

New to the restaurant scene in Louisville, Havana is not exactly a coffee shop, but I had to commemorate them on their fantastic Cuban-style coffee which goes well with their Tres Leche Cake. If you’re looking for the authentic taste of Cuba, this is the place to go.

Day’s Coffee and Espresso

Located in the middle of all of Bardstown Road, this is an excellent place to quietly enjoy your morning dose of joe. They have a reputation of making excellent Paninis and Cappuccinos.

Other coffee shops for your consideration:

  • Sister Bean’s Coffee House
  • Fante’s Coffee
  • Sunegero’s Coffee
  • Please & Thank You
  • North Lime Coffee & Donuts
  • Safai Coffee
Josh Scantland is a freelance writer and columnist who has written for the web series "The State of The Indiana" and XP Louisville. As a native of the Kentucky-Indiana area, he is passionate about food, culture, and spirits. Josh graduated with a bachelors in chemistry from Indiana University Southeast and a Doctor of Medicine from Indiana University School of Medicine. He is currently an Interventional Radiology resident with Indiana University School of Medicine.