D.Nalley’s is an old school American diner that has been a Louisville staple since 1967. It closed down and re-opened a few times through out the years. Despite the restaurants hardships it’s new Owner Gibin George has seemed to have found success. The third time is the charm!

Breakfast Platter

Although, Gibin has past experience in the restaurant industry, Gibin told us that a large part of his success was primarily due to the community coming out and supporting small local restaurants! Which is why this year on their two year anniversary back in business they will be giving away free pie!

Oreo Pie

Info on claiming a slice below:

Get a FREE PIE and 10% Off your meal by Tagging a Friend in the comments OR sharing this article on and presenting it at D. Nalleys on the 23rd of October, 2019.

D. Nalley’s is located at 970 S 3rd St. Louisville, KY